Attacking Enemy Players

You can attack enemy players with the same level as you. Once winning the attacks, you will get prestige.
Prerequisites of Attacking:
a.        Only enemy players (not allied players) can be attacked.
b.        Only enemy players with the same level as you can be attacked.
c.        Honor will be consumed in the attacks. No attack in CD time.
d.        No attack in winter.
e.        After Barracks open, no attack if the number of soldiers is 0.
Results of Attacking:
1.        Prestige will always be awarded no matter you win or loose.
2. If you win, you can have a larger share in the attacked area (only valid in the border cities in enemy countries).
3. Winners will get Hostility Value.
4. The attacked party will be in truce once it is defeated. Being in truce, it cannot be attacked.
Hostility Value
Enemy countries have different levels of Hostility Value. These Hostility Value will show different colors and notes.
You will get prestige of higher levels if you can defeat the enemy players with higher Hostility Value.

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How do we check our own hostility level?


You cant check your own hostility value and you will be seen differently in terms of hostility value from different countries as well. If you has been attacking players for few times, you should be green and above. If you have been attacking players daily for amny times, you should be blue.


Reply 1# lingbo

    I believe there's a mistake. Most Wanted should be purple and National Enemy should be yellow.


Hi Lingbo,

May I just make a suggestion - there should be a corresponding value in your own country.

Say if you are a "Wanted Criminal" in Shu, in your own country, you should be a "Hero" or something like that.

Makes it more exciting. Also, attacking other players should have more prestige than fortifying.

Victorious generals are more famous than brick layers.