City info

Players can move into a city and migrate to another city in the city map, but each city has some Lv requirements and suggestions of players to move into.
Each city has Occupation, which influences on the city’s owner.
Move and outmigration
Requirements for move into:

1.        Reach to the open requirements.
2.        Unable to move into the city when you are over than the city’s Lv cap.
3.        Only move into the cities of your country.
4.        You are out of the move CD.
When your city has been occupied by the other countries, you have to move out this city.

Influence on outmigration:


1.        You will give up the farms, Silver Mine automatically, and then you can occupy higher-Lv Farms and Silver Mine.
2.        Remove the vassal relationship with other players.
3.        You are in the migration CD.
PvP, Investment and Area Battle will affect to occupy a city.

When attacker and the defender’s distance is 1, and then the attacker wins, so the occupation of the attacker’s country owner will increase.

When attackers and the defender’s distance is over 1, there is no influence on the occupation.



1.        Players can invest in their own city or lower city.
2.        The city should be your own country or the enemy‘s city but the distance is 1.
3.        Only invest in open cities.
4.        Enough silver.
5.        It’s not in the investment CD.
6.        The investment cap with each country is 5% of this city occupation.


1.        Increase your force’s occupation.
2.        Increase your prestige.
3.        Increase the Prosperity of city.

Occupy a city:

The cities are divided into 4 forces: Group , Wei, Shu and Wu.

Rules of Occupation:

When it has group’s occupation in the city, system will deduct its group’s occupation first to increase your country’s occupation.
When the group’s occupation is no more than 0, system will deduct the other forces’ occupation equally to increase your country’s occupation.

Change of city’s owner

After the area battle, the city’s owner would be change. In the area battle, the attacker wins to increase occupation, but loses will keep the occupation. There are 2 suggestions of a force to occupy the city:

1.        You must be the attacker and win.
2.        Your force got the highest occupation in this city.

      City types:

      The cities are divided into 3 types: common cities, Satellite and central city.

       Satellite cities:

      They are the 6 special cities around the central city, its attribute is the same with the common city. The number of occupied cities will decide a war attack to the central city.

      Central city:

      The attribute of central city is similar with other cities, but a force can launch a area battle when occupying some satellites.

If 1 force occupies the central city, the other 2 cities will ally automatically.