Fort info

Players can’t move into the forts and they want to enter a higher-Lv area through the forts as the forts have divided the world map into different.

Build city, remove city and area battle will affect to occupy the fort, and the occupation will decide who is the stronghold’s owner.

Build City:
1.        The fort belongs to your country.
2.        The fort Lv is no more than the city Lv.
3.        Have enough silver.
4.        It’s not in the build city CD.

1. Increase the City DEF of fort.
2. Increase the fort occupation of this country.
3. Increase player’s prestige.

Remove City:
1.        The fort doesn’t belong to your country.
2.        The fort and your country’s distance is 1.
3.        Enough silver.
4.        It’s not in the Remove city CD.
1.        Reduce the city DEF of fort.
2.        Increase the occupation of your country.
3.        Increase player’s prestige.
Occupy the fort:
Who can occupy the fort: Group, Wei, Shu and Wu.

Rules of occupation:

When the Group occupies the fort, system will deduct its group’s occupation first to increase your country’s occupation.
When the group’s occupation is no more than 0, system will deduct the other forces’ occupation equally to increase your country’s occupation.

Change of fort’s owner

After the area battle, the city’s owner would change. In the area battle, the attacker wins to increase occupation, but losses will maintain the occupation.  There are 2 suggestions of a force to occupy the city:

1. You must be the attacker and win.
2. Your force has the highest occupation in this fort.

Can we take a fort belong to another country after one battle if the fort's defend is 3000 or more???Im not sure, wat is the fort defend effected on deffender?


Reply 2# lovaseck

    If I remember correctly, each successful attack takes away 3000 defense from a wall, but your opponents are also able to fortify the wall back before next war. Thus walls are not easy to breach.


so if the wall defend is below 3000, we can take it with only one CB?


No one can answer? So the deffensive is just for good looking????