Nation Battle

Nation Battle is the countries fighting for cities and forts.

The Nation Battle are divided into declare a war, team, in battle and clearing.

Declare a war:
1.        Time: 21:00pm, spring----21:00 pm, summer.
2.        Aim: declare a war toward to the enemy’s city or fort, not the alliances.
3.        Unable to cancel the battle once declared.
4.        Only the General and Brigadier can declare a war.
5.        Each legion can declare a war towards a target every year.
6.        Each legion can be declared by multi-legions in the same country every year.
7.        The target hasn’t been declared a war by the other country’s legion.


1.        The first team time: 20:00 in autumn.
2.        Team time is every 5mins a time automatically as the declared team orders and 5 teams at most at 1 time.
3.        20mins for creating a team.
4.        The member limitation of nation battle is 100 and 30 members at most to take part in it.

Requirements for the attackers:

1.        The attacker’s force hasn’t joined a nation battle.
2.        The nation battle members are not full.
3.        The soldiers in the Barracks are not 0.

Requirements for defenders:

1.        The defenders and the target’s distance is 0.
2.        The defender’s force hasn’t joined a nation battle.
3.        The nation battle members are not full.
4.        The soldiers in the Barracks are not 0.

Actions when players join a team:

1.        Inspiration is available.
2.        Draft is available during the waiting time.
3.        Quit from the team during the team time.
Sort the players before the nation battle starts, the players on later list can’t join the battle.

1.        If the player belongs to an elite legion, sort the elites at the first.
2.        Rank as the the player’s Lv.
3.        Sort the players as their joined orders.

Nation battle ends:

The attackers win to get some occupation from the defenders. The rule of occupation change refer to the change of area battle occupation in the fort and city infos.

When the attackers lose, the occupation of both won’t change.


Both of the winners and the losers can obtain the prestige, but the winner will get more than the loser.

The players join the nation battle but can’t fight in battle will get prestige as well.


After the nation battle ends, it will judge the owner:

1.        The country get the highest occupation will be the owner.
2.        When there are 2 countries’ occupations are the same, the attacker will be the owner.

When occupied by the other country:

Fort: DEF will be cleared to 0.


1.        The previous occupied player will move out automatically.
2.        The previous occupied player will in the move CD. If it has a move CD already, it will reset the CD.
3.        The occupied player will move into it.

When it is a PvE nation battle, the defender troops will create automatically.

hi creator, can i seek clarifications on the "order of players in National Battle"? You posted the rule 1, 2, 3 but I need you to elaborate on this. I would prefer detailed clarifications as to who vs who in the match ups for Country Battle. I thank you in advance for your assistance.


Reply 1# lingbo

Is the rule of defend still use until now, if so that it must be 1 player can only defend once every CB. Correct me if I wrong