[Notice]FAQ 1-20

1. Ask: The quality levels of the equipment?
Answer: From lowest to highest: White-Green-Blue-Purple-Gold.

2. Ask: How to forge equipment? 
   Answer: Collect materials and then go to Smithy to forge equipment. The materials for the best equipment will unlock as you upgrade.

3. Ask: What’s the function enhance effects in the interface of Enhance?
Answer: In this game, it’s always 100% success rate to enhance. During some special periods, you can get double enhancement effects and enhancement discount.

4. Ask: Why can’t I enhance my equipment? 
Answer: Because your own level needs to be upgraded.

5. Ask: How many heroes can I have at most? How to call back the heroes I fired?
Answer: As your title promotes, you will have more heroes (10 at most) and will be able to deploy more heroes in formation (5 at most). You can re-hire the heroes you fired in Tavern.

6. Ask: How to get heroes of higher quality? 
Answer: Play morra in Tavern. If you win, you can get souls. Once you collect enough souls, you can recruit heroes of higher quality.

7. Ask: At which level can I create a legion? Any requirement? 
Answer: After you reach Lv18 and join a camp, then you can create a legion.

8. Ask: How to switch the main hero’s skills?
Answer: Enter the interface of Formation and click the upper right to switch the main hero’s skill.

9. Ask: How to get the main hero’s skill?  
Answer: Click the avatar of the main hero, and enter the destiny map. You can unlock the star dots by hero souls in order to get the new main hero’s skills.

10. Ask: How to get hero souls?
Answer: 1) The first time you defeat the enemies, you can get hero souls as reward. 2) You can get hero souls by collecting salary brought by the high titles. 3) You can get hero souls by ranking high in Seal Demon and Fight Monster.

11. Ask: How to screen out other players? 
Answer: You can hide other players in the interface of settings. Choose Hide and then you won’t see other players.

12. Ask: How many times can I finish all the quests in a map every day?
Answer: Once a day. But you can reset it twice by costing gold.

13. Ask: How to unlock hard quests in a map? 
       Answer: After the quests of the normal level being finished, the hard ones will unlock with better

14. Ask: How to upgrade heroes fast? 
Answer: You can exchange souls for EXP cards in Tavern to upgrade heroes fast.

15. Ask: Where the pets’ Attr will make effects?
Answer: The effects will be made in Arena, Palace War, Seal Demon, Fight Monster.

16. Ask: When will Pass Stage unlock?
Answer: When you pass the map of Chang’an and reach Lv36.

17. Ask: When will Gamble system unlock?
Answer: When you reach Lv30 and after defeating Dong Zhuo and entering Chang’an.

18. Ask: Can players trade with one another?
Answer: Sorry, this game has no such a function.

19. Ask: How to get Talent Stones? How to inlay them?
Answer: You can go to Chang’an and ask Mr. Mirror to help inlay Talent Stones after defeating Jia Xu and reaching Lv34.

20. Ask: How many times can Evil be summoned every day? Does it cost Gold? Any requirement
for players?
Answer: Evil can be summoned 5 times a day, each time costing 500 Gold. Any faction member
can join the event.