[Notice]FAQ 21-43

21. Ask: When will Arena unlock?
Answer: Arena will unlock after you reach Lv19 and defeating Lyu Bu.

22. Ask: When will Tavern unlock?
Answer: Tavern will unlock after you reach Lv32 and pass the quest of Search Jail.

23. Ask: When will Pet unlock?
Answer: Pet will unlock after you reach Lv26 and pass the quest of Return.

24. Ask: How to change the color of the name?
Answer: Lit up the star dots in the destiny maps. Once a map is fully lit up, the color will change.

25. Ask: Why did I get different amount of EXP by passing the same stage by Sweep?
Answer: EXP amount is decided by the star level you got each time.

26. Ask: I already registered for legion war. But I can’t join it when the battle starts.
Answer: As long as you register during the valid period of time, you should be able to join the

27.Ask: Which heroes are suggested to recruit after Lv30?
Answer: Front hero: Zhou Tai; Center hero: Taishi Ci; Rear hero: Huang Yueying.

28.Ask: Which heroes are suggested to recruit after Lv50?
Answer: Front hero: Sun Ce; Center hero: Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan; Rear hero: Cai Wenji.

29 Ask: Which heroes are suggested to recruit after Lv70?
Answer: Front hero: Cao Ren; Center hero: Xu Huang; Rear hero: Xiao Qiao, Jiang Wei, Lu Xun.

30 Ask: How to exit the game to change to another Area when I am playing?
Answer: You can find in the interface of login a tip under Fast Enter directing you to change area.

31k: How often can Orders recover?
Answer: 1 Order recovers half an hour. Every day you can get 20 Orders by reporting attendance.
Also you can get orders in Pass Stage.

32.Ask: I found the purple weapons have additional skills. Do the blue ones also have?
Answer: Sorry, the blue weapons don’t have additional skills.

33. Ask: When will 7 sages unlock?
Answer: At Lv70.

34. Ask: When will be pets’ souls can be trained?
Answer: After you reach Lv70.

35. Ask: How long can Pet Fruits be kept?
Answer: 3 days since you get the fruit.

36. Ask: Can I change to another country after I join a country?
Answer: Sorry, you cannot.

37. Ask: Can I change formation after the legion war starts? If I can change, will it help me in the legion war?
Answer: You can change formation after the legion war starts. But it won’t help you in the legion war.

38. Ask: What’s the function of 7 Sages?
Answer: Challenge 7 sages. If you win, you can light up the sage map to add Attr to you and your heroes.

39. Ask: Does Smart Morra cost Gold?
Answer: Yes, it will cost Gold as well as silver.

40. Ask: How to get Purple Souls?
Answer: Purple souls will be sent sometimes by system, or when you join recharge events, or when you win in the morra against purple heroes as a VIP player.

41. Ask: How long can the items in the Temp Bag be kept?
Answer: 48 hours. You can use them only if you take them out before they expire.

42 Ask: Will more orders recover once the number of orders reach the max?
Answer: No.

43. Ask: What’s the max number of orders?
Answer: For non-VIP players, 80; as your VIP level upgrades, the max number will rise.