[Notice] Novice Guide 1

Equipment Quality
Ask: The quality levels of the equipment?
Answer: From lowest to highest: White-Green-Blue-Purple-Gold.

Ask: What’s the function of Vouchers?
Answer: Vouchers can often be used to replace Gold to consume. Basically, the vouchers will be
cost before Gold.

Luck Chest
Answer: Luck Chest contains treasures. Open it and you may get Talent Stone Chest, EXP cards, Silver cards, etc.
Super Whip
Ask: What’s the function of Super Whip?
Answer: With Super Whip, you can use Super Foster for pet once. Once you get Super Whip, click the button of Use under it, and enter the interface of Foster and choose Super Foster.

Ask: How to forge equipment? 
Answer: Collect materials and then go to Smithy to forge equipment. The materials for the best
equipment will unlock as you upgrade.

Enhance Effects
Ask: What’s the function enhance effects in the interface of Enhance?
Answer: In this game, it’s always 100% success rate to enhance. During some special periods, you can get double enhancement effects and enhancement discount.

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