[Notice] Novice Guide 3

Screen out others
Ask: How to screen out other players?
Answer: In the interface of settings, choose Hide and then you won’t see other players.

Quest Maps
Ask: How many times can I finish all the quests in a map every day?
Answer: Basically, once a day. But for player over VIP 1, they can reset it once a day; for players over VIP5, they can reset twice a day.

Hard Quests
Ask: How to unlock hard quests in a map? 
Answer: After the quests of the normal level being finished, the hard ones will unlock with better

Upgrade Heroes’ Lv
Ask: How to upgrade heroes fast? 
Answer: You can exchange souls for EXP cards in Tavern to upgrade heroes fast.

Add Attr to Pets
Ask: Where the pets’ Attr will make effects?
Answer: The effects will be made in Arena, Palace War, Seal Demon, Fight Monster.

Purple Character
Light up the second destiny map and then your name will become purple.

Why can’t I join Palace War?
Only the top ten legions in the legion war are qualified for Palace war.

Will the Pet Fruits expire?
Pet Fruits are valid for 2 days.

How to recharge for the game Dragonica? How to become a VIP player?
Click the button on the upper left of the main interface to recharge to go to the interface of VIP
level to recharge. VIP levels are decided by the amount of gold you recharge.


How do I top up from the website? Is it possible? My game (Dragonica on IOS) doesn't show the Huayu points option.


I mean as Changing the Huayu Points to in game gold.