Request for Han Sui BR

Anyone has very strong counter atk of Han Sui, please kindly post it here. Thanks.

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Farming God Zhang Fei using this build.
Please remember only after God Zhang Fei #2. After. Then u switch to Han Sui as main. Anytime before is no use ... 37103_n1_477525802?**=0&version=


I don't know why i cannot watch the report. The link works, but the report doesn't show. Anyhow, do u mean we need to have han sui only until we get god zhang fei?
After we get gzf, we should dump han sui?


I don't know why i cannot watch the report. The link works, but the report doesn't show. Anyhow, do u mean we need to have han sui only until we get god zhang fei?
After we get gzf, we should dump han sui?

Edit #1, now i can watch.

This formation is the one we should have to farm gzf, right?


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Lets answer the Farm GZF part first. Yes. But take note that it is meant for hunting the last GZF. GZF comes in 3 parts. GZF #1, #2 and #3. You only switch to use Han Sui when u reached #3. Anytime before is not going to help you.

Regarding whether to dump Han Sui.
Han Sui can get u to clear certain maps.
Look carefully at the BR.  Zhugeliang and Jian Yong buff on Invincible vehicles. They stacked tremendously. The damage to Meng Huo even after the 4th round is 3k+ only. Compared Round 8, 9, 10 and 11 - Damage on Meng Huo

Although there are many saying that JY buff 30% DEF, however according to China forum. They says that there is additional DEF bonus for Invincible vehicles. The def bonus is more even after ZGL buff. So it depends on you really...

The BR takes some time to load because its in China


Thanks a lot, bro. I am playing wei but perhaps we must play the same for to get gzf, right?

how about the first and the second round? what form shall i use?


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Wei does not have Zhugeliang. So its a bit disadvatange to use Han Sui in the same form as such. I presume that you had Cao Zhang as your number 1 attacker? If so, probably u can do the same. The last person which is Zhugeliang in the BR can be replaced by Sima Yi, But if your simayi is not doing any damage to GZF, u might swap SMY with Sun Jian or another buffer.

If you are currently playing double TCA based with Xiahou yuan and Sun Jian as main attack, I advise you to replace Ma Teng (Liang Horse) with Xiahou Yuan instead. You do not need GZF. If you are single STA based (ie. Sima Yi), I suggest u stick to STA + TCA build instead.

Anyways, reason why the Scale form is not advisable for GZF#2 is because GZF is in the middle for #2. If you replace Han Sui already, then u must realise, the effectiveness of Han Sui is to get more hits by people. Without putting Han Sui in the middle, you are limiting to few hits for counter attack, but if u put in middle. Your Han Sui cannot survive more than 3 rounds. I guess its normal for people to clear GZF#2 with EVA, ECHELON, or 8 TRIA where there is only 1 tanker in the middle. With that in mind, you have to plan accordingly. Please note, when Han Sui evaded, he cannot counter attack as well. And Han Sui must not have any person in front of him, else he cannot counter.

I lost the BR for GZF #1. GZF#1 and #3 is same formation but much weaker. Here is some reference from my BR with #2 and #3.

GZF#2 ... g=0&version=

GZF#3 ... g=0&version=

Btw, you only need level 10 scale form. They used it to mainly to avoid critical from GZF


Thanks for your reply. Now I think many of us thinking that you are better than our Huayu coz of your quick and useful replies.

Anyhow I am a mid vip only but I think we all want to use GZF, though it must be very difficult for low vips to conquer gzf with lvl 160 patch. Now I do not use Cao Zhang as my main attacker. This is my believe that even we can max his items and passive skills, he cannot damage 40k on GZF, even so with the troop GZF has, my CZ must live more than 10 rounds to finish GZF. No wonder, as a mid vip, I cannot afford to get a red book so I cannot play sta form too.

Hence right now I play 2 TCA which are Xia Yuan and Sun Jian. May be I have not got Ma Teng yet because I cannot find him in my hero list. I have no idea what skill he has. I have an idea to play the combination com atk and tactical atk. So I might need to drop my xia yuan soon because without z.yao my defense will be very low. Right now, I am using Cao Zhang, Sun Jian, Xia Yuan, Emp Xian and Han Sui (just adopt Han Sui by droping z.yao and then found that my def is too low).

Again based on your great Battle Reports, I think mid vips cannot get GZF in this lvl160 patch. I must wait for lvl180 patch or even lvl200 patch. As I am on the way for that, it would be very kind of you if you would suggest me how I should develop further. (of course not the Gold Recharging madly because it is something I cannot afford)

Thanks in advance.


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First thing. To be able to farm God ZF in level 160 patch, I'll recommend your main equipment to be study level 27 (Be it weapon, mount or book). Its not essential but i feel difficult otherwise. You must have Meng Huo from Shouthern and equip a 6500 DEF armor on him. (Ie. study 18 armor). You have to sacrifice some relics and honors on a gold armor to level 18 before degrading it to a weapon after u get God ZF. To clear God ZF, probably you do not need such a high armor. But to ensure successful farming of God ZF, I suggest at minimum one 6500 DEF armor

Using Han Sui to farm God ZF requires you to have 21000ATK at minimum. If based on what you mentioned, your main attacker should be Sun Jian. Instead of using Han Sui in the meantime, I suggest you to focus on enhancing Sun Jian to reach the 52k TCA needed to farm God ZF which is easier and faster for you. After the new patch released, focus on Array TCA and Super Tech TCA and Force to 180. Make sure you have 1 super armor for Meng Huo. Use the same form as me with the following: exception.
1) OI replace with Cao Zhang
2) Use Scale form for hunting. (Note, I used Arrow form for clearing the map).
Only after you are able to start farming God ZF, then you start to build your weapon. Note that farming GZF takes time too.

Ma Teng is simply an upgraded version of Ma Chao/Xia Yuan. If I am not wrong it does 2 attacks of what Ma Chao does. One with stun. I got him but i did not train him yet. probably let me try in the evening and see. You get Ma Teng after completing Liang Horse (Not need 20 pcs)

After 180 patch, I think even non vip should be able to reach God Cao Ren or so. Or simply put, where Junhao and Moon should be now. By then, STA should be able to get Xu Shu and God Guo Jia (Very late - probably many months), COM should get God ZF and God HZ (Much earlier than God Guo Jia).

As for suggestion. TCA+COM have the following possible combinations. Especially since you have Cao Zhang.

Line Form
EX     CZ
         SJ      MT

Eva Form
EX                    CZ
SJ                     MT

You interchange between (GZF, EX, CZ) and (SJ, MT)
Like I mentioned, I don't recommend GZF for you. But if you still pursue, above is some of the possible ways for forming.  

I do not see you using Meng Huo. I suggest you clear Shouthern first.  To clear Liang horse (MT), you do not need Meng Huo. But you die die need MH for GZF#2 and #3.


52K TCA!! If this is the target i must have to complete GZF, I need to think twice. But based on the new lvl180 patch and the gold weapon and armor that HY give to all players, I think one of the best ways to go through the map is to play common atk style. Hence, I have decided to change to common atk style.

Anyhow, thank you very much bro. Like you said, I could and should aim for god HZ instead.