Contest System


1.The Contest is a trans-serverchallenge.

2.How to unlock it:?

Meet the following requirements at the same time.

a). Players of Lv60 and above. b). At least 64 players in aserver have reached Lv60 and unlocked In-server Contest.

3. Registration time: 10-13 of each month.The In-server Contest is held on 13, the qualifiers of which will go for theTrans-server Contest.

4. It has two parts—In-server Contestfollowed byTrans-server Contest.


In-server Contest:


In-server Contest:

1. Heaven-Selection. 1 player, 1 10-min contest.

1.1 Each player will have a rival in each round.

1.2 If a player has three failures in a row, he/she will be eliminated.

1.3 32 players will be chosen for the Heaven –Selection.

1.4 When Heaven-Selection starts, if the members are fewer than 32, these members will auto go for Heaven-Top 32.

2. 10min after Heaven-Selection, Earth-Selection will start, the rules of which are the same. The 32 members who have joined the Heaven will not be able to join the Earth. At last the Top 32 members of Earth-Selection are chosen.

2.1 When Earth-Selection starts, if the members are fewer than 32, these members will auto go for Earth-Top 32.

2.2 10min after Earth-Selection, the player list of Top 16 of Heaven/Earth Contest will be given.

2.3 The Top 16/Top 8/Top 4/Top 2/Final Contest will be held according to the agenda.

2.4 The Qualifiers will be held one by one till the champions of Heaven and Earth are chosen. In the Qualifiers, 1 player will challenge another.

Process of Trans-server Contest:

1. Since the opening time of the servers are different, the servers will be divided into groups. The capacity of the similar level will be put into the same group.

2. 8 servers a group. The sequence will be made according to the opening time of the servers. The servers with similar opening time will be put into one group.

3. Groups will be named according to the sequence: Group 1, Group 2, etc.

4. The requirement for unlocking the Trans-server Contest for each group is: The number of the players who joined the In-server Contest in each group reaches 64.

5. If the requirement above fails to be met, the Contest will end once the In-server Contest is over.

6. The rules of the Trans-server Selection and the In-server Selection are the same.

7. The Heaven/Earth-Champions will be chosen via Qualifiers in which one player will challenge another. 【Reward】

According to the contest result, the players will get rewards like silver, Repu, Honor, Astro Coins, special titles, and so on.

Rewards for In-server Contest:

Heaven List:

There is also a Bet system. If your Lv is not high enough to join the contest, you can watch the contest and bet on the champions to win silver!

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