Gem Upgrade

Do you feel it is so hard to challenge in Arena, elite dungeons, Boss War and Mars Tower
after Lv40? Today let’s see how to upgrade gems to be more powerful.

A good gem really matters. The most important gems are HP gems. COM-ATK and MG-ATK gems are second important. As long as you live, there is hope.
If you are not VIP players, it’s very lucky to get HP Topaz in mine. Lv1 HP Topaz can make sure you can survive from elite dungeons before Lv30 as long as you wear the equipment suitable to your level. If you get HP Topaz, you’d better cost some silver to eat some green gems to upgrade HP Topaz.

If you fail to get HP Topaz, it does not matter. Instead, you can upgrade your DEF by wearing COM-DEF or MG-DEF gems and remember to upgrade them.
If you only get DUC gems, you need to wear COM-ATK gems or MG-ATK gems and upgrade them in order to reduce damage received.

If you fail to get any gem, then try to upgrade HP gems as much as you can, at least to try to Parry from damage…
If you are a VIP player, you have more choices. You’d better throw away the useless gems and exchange for HP Topaz.
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Hi, can i ask what privilege does VIP player have to easily obtain Topaz?